Twinsburg School District Honors Retirees

The Twinsburg School Board honored its new retirees Wednesday night, 15 educators with a combined 350 years of experience.

The Twinsburg School Board honored its new retirees Wednesday night.

Superintendent Kathi Powers said that the retires have more than 350 years of combined experience.

"It is a privelege and an honor to say they are my colleages," she said. "They have the heart and soul of the best educators you can find anywhere."

Congratulations to the retirees:

  • Harry Bendzuck: 29 years
  • Bonny Cairns: 13 years
  • Marie Cavotta: 15 years
  • Cinda Dehner: 14 years
  • Jeff Funk: 28 years
  • Sonya Grant: 10 years
  • Mike Hasinski: 34 years
  • Judy Henning: 34 years
  • Rosanna Knox: 27 years
  • Carol Pozuc: 28 years
  • Maria Raczka: 35 years
  • Dave Rowbotham: 22 years
  • Lois Seide: 5 years
  • Kim Sevier: 34 years
  • Sue Vagi: 28 years


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