Twinsburg Schools Get Passing Grade Under New Rating System

The Ohio Department of Education has changed the way it rates school districts in 2013.

Superintendent Kathryn Powers. Credit: Mitch Cooper
Superintendent Kathryn Powers. Credit: Mitch Cooper
As Twinsburg students started their new school year this week, the school district was graded for its performance by the state.

The Ohio Department of Education released its new state report cards Aug. 22. Twinsburg as a district met all 24 indicators in the report and was given an "A" in student achievement.

Before this year the scale used labels to rate the district, which went four-straight years with "Excellent With Distinction," the highest overall rating.

While there is no encompassing grade for a district until 2015, according to a media release from the school district, the new report card is designed to offer a clearer picture of schools’ strengths and weaknesses for all types of students.

Here are some of the areas the district was graded:
  • Student achievement Results (A)
  • Value-added for general population (A)
  • Value-added for gifted students (A)
  • Value-added for lowest 20 percent (F)
  • Value-added for students with disabilities (F)
For the first time, the new report cards will report Value-Added results. Value-Added is a valuable tool to see how students are progressing in school and how much they are growing academically in one year. The results will be analyzed to determine which teaching methods are having the greatest impact on learning.

VIEW the entire report card and scores.

“The District has already begun to carefully examine the data, student by student," Superintendent Kathryn Powers said. "We must make strategic instructional changes to improve these Value-Added results for the current school year and  moving forward in time.  It is essential that every teacher know the 'story' of every student they work with so that we can plan instruction based on the needs of every individual child."
TB Player August 23, 2013 at 03:37 AM
Wow... This is no different than lower the test standards so the athlete can get an eligible grade to play in Friday night's game. If that is what it takes to get a passing grade, that does not say much about the administration, teachers, students, or their parents. School failures start in the home, and work their way outward.
Greg Hercik August 27, 2013 at 06:35 PM
They might want to clean up those 2 F's before they ask me for more money this fall.


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