GFL Falcons Topple Hawks

Dacula 7-year-old team edges out Mill Creek rival.

Area Gwinnett Football League teams were in action this past Saturday. Here are the Aug. 27 results from the Mill Creek Hawks, Dacula Falcons and Mountain View Bears athletic association games:

6-year-old division

Dacula NL North 41, Archer AL North 13
Shiloh AL South 6, Mountain View NL South 0
Buford NL South 0, Mill Creek AL North 26
Lawrenceville AL South 14, Mill Creek NL North 12

7-year-old division

Loganville AL South 6, Dacula NL South 12*
Parkview AL South 12, Mountain View NL South 13
Lilburn AL North 7, Mill Creek NL North 32
Mill Creek AL East 20, Dacula NL East 21
Mill Creek NL East 0, Grayson AL East 7

8-year-old division

Dacula NL East 0, Archer AL South 21
Dacula AL East 32, Parkview AL South 6
Shiloh AL East 26, Mountain View NL East 0
Mill Creek NL East 0, North Gwinnett NL North 7
Peachtree Ridge AL East 35, Mill Creek NL South 7

9-year-old division

Dacula NL North 7, Buford NL North 13
Collins Hill NL South 26, Dacula NL South 0
Grayson AL North 14, Mountain View NL North 7
South Gwinnett AL East 31, Mountain View NL South 0
Grayson AL South 6, Mill Creek AL East 15
Mill Creek NL South 20, North Gwinnett AL East 0
Shiloh AL East 0, Mill Creek AL South 19

10-year-old division

Lawrenceville AL North 26, Dacula AL East 0
Dacula NL South 27, Lilburn AL South 12
Brookwood AL South 7, Dacula AL South 30
Shiloh AL South 18, Mountain View NL South 35
North Gwinnett NL East 26, Mill Creek NL NOrth 0
Mill Creek NL South 7, South Gwinnett AL South 0
North Gwinnett NL South 13, Mill Creek NL East 0

11 year-old division

Buford NL East 13, Dacula NL East 20
Dacula NL North 24, Buford NL North 0
Peachtree Ridge NL South 7, Mountain View NL East 20
Norcorss NL East 0, Mountain View NL South 26
Lawrenceville AL South 0, Mill Creek NL North 30
Mil Creek NL East 0, Lanier NL South 26
Parkview AL East 28, Mill Creek AL North 0
Mill Creek NL South 13, Peachtree Ridge NL East 0

12-year-old division

Brookwood AL South 0, Dacula NL North 18
Dacula NL East 27, Peachtree Ridge NL North 0
Shiloh AL East 25, Mountain View NL North 0
Mill Creek AL South 15, Mountain View NL East 0
Lilburn AL North 6, Mill Creek NL South 14
Mill Creek NL East 32, Lawrenceville AL South 0

8th grade division

Peachtree Ridge NL North 18, Dacula NL South 12 
Duluth NL South 0, Mountain View NL North 14


Dacula Athletic Association teams will play 7 home games next Saturday, Sept. 3. The Falcons will host teams from Buford, Lilburn, Archer, and Parkview. Games begin at 9 a.m. at .

Mill Creek Athletic Association teams will play 8 home games next Saturday, Sept. 3. The Hawks will host teams from Lanier, Lawrenceville, Dacula, Grayson, North and South Gwinnett. Games begin at 9 a.m. at .

Mountain View Athletic Association has no games listed for next Saturday.


Does your child play football or cheer for a DAA, MCAA or MVAA team or participate in any other local athletic league? Share your photos and scores by clicking on the "manage your photos and videos" link below the photos. 

*This article was updated to correct the originally reported score from Dacula 6, Loganville 6 to Dacula 12, Loganville 6. The article was also updated to eliminate a duplicate score.

Robert Brookshire August 31, 2011 at 06:40 PM
The 7 Year Old Dacula NL South Falcons won 12-6 against Loganville. Not a 6-6 Tie as listed.
Kristi Reed August 31, 2011 at 07:04 PM
Hi Robert - Thanks for letting me know. I'll correct the score.
Adam Marlatt August 31, 2011 at 11:03 PM
Both 7 yr old Falcons teams did not "Topple the Hawks". Especially since only one of the 2 Dacula teams played the Hawks. You have Dacula NL East beating MC AL East twice. The other Dacula 7yr old team beat Loganville not MC.
Kristi Reed September 01, 2011 at 12:01 AM
Hi Adam - You are absolutely right. Thanks for letting me know. I've made the correction and notified the author as well.
Rebecca Stafford September 01, 2011 at 12:51 AM
Sorry about the scores being slightly off.


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