LAST CHANCE: Vote to Help Twinsburg Athletics Win $1,000

Vote to help the Lady Tigers to become the 2012 People's Champion

Voting ends today in a contest that could bring home $1,000 for the Twinsburg High School athletic department.

is in second place in the girls category of HighSchoolSports.net's Super 25-People's Champion contest. The school with the most votes by April 30 will earn its athletic department $1,000.

Twinsburg is trailing by almost 9,000 votes to New London High School in Wisconsin.

To vote, click this link here, scroll down and select Twinsburg High School, type in the security characters and click "Vote for People's Choice." The vote is for the best high school girls basketball team in America.

The athletic department has been trying its best to promote the contest and has even sent out emails district-wide to get more votes.

But Twinsburg might be one of the only schools trying to do so. Popovich thinks most schools aren’t very aware of the contest because some of the votes are so low.

Third-place Goodrich High School, in Michigan, only has around 3,000 votes on the last day.


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