Captain's Entry: 2.22.13

Combining my love for this community with public safety...this is my blog.

Okay Amanda Harnocz, I have relented! 

For years I have been avoiding posting a blog to any site, opting to surrendering my writing "talents" to social media for several organizations and personal uses (sometimes I crack myself up). So pardon me while I kick the tires and test drive this baby to the limits. 

A little background: 

I've been on the Twinsburg Fire Department for 23 years and am currently serving as a Captain/Shift Commander and the Public Information Officer (PIO). I'm still an active paramedic and a possess a whole lot of other "nerdy certification stuff." As my Facebook profile states..."go to LinkedIn if you want my proffessional bio."

Prior to the 23 years on TFD, I was employed with the Record Publishing as a photojournalist/photo department manager and spent many years covering Twinsburg news and sports...or just hanging out with the locals (what are they gonna do now, fire me?)

I also currently live in Twinsburg. I've made my home here for about 25 years (save the eight I lived in Bath Ohio), after growing up miles away in Northfield Center. So combined with the years at the newspaper and the FD, people around here still think I grew up in Twinsburg and they'll argue that I was in their graduating class at Chamberlin.  (Excuse me, but I think I know where I went to school).

Anyway, I raised my son Jeremy here and he turned out just great...even though he's now a "West-Sider." He's married to beautiful and intelligent girl (who I just love), works for the federal government in some geeky financial analyst position, still loves his comics & Harry Potter, mows his lawn in perfect geometrical shapes and would fit in perfectly on the Big Bang Theory. They promise me a grandchild very shortly...stay tuned.

I ride a Harley, play guitar (badly), workout, run (I hate running...love the finish, but hate the run) and believe that if you work hard, you should play harder. Life is too short, so cram as much in as you can, I say!

What I hope to accomplish here is a mix of some public safety knowledge and fun stuff about the goings on in our great community. I can be opinionated, so feel free to hit me with your comments. Just remember, as George Bernard Shaw once said: "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

My first blog rant:

From the "What Makes You So Special? file.

So, I went out last week to pick up some food from my favorite Chinese restaurant. It was snowy, windy and generally very "icky" outside. I navigated through the crowded parking lot to find an available space and noticed how busy the plaza was that night with the other food establishments and Gitter Picker enjoying some business. I had just parked my car and saw two elderly couples exiting their vehicle and walking towards a restaurant on their way to dinner. They were being very careful with their steps since there was snow and ice in the lot and I thought to myself, "they should have just parked in the handicapped spot." Then I noticed that they had no handicapped placard in the car. I walked by about six vacant handicapped spaces and wondered if anyone had ever thought about having some parking spots dedicated to only senior citizens. Let's face it, they have spots for expectant women, but none for senior citizens who play by the rules and park way out with everyone else. 

It gets better...on my way out of the restaurant, some lady in an expensive coupe pulls up to the curb, in the FIRE LANE, turns her car off and then heads into the same restaurant. Are you kidding me? Unfreakingbelievable! The lane is clearly marked with the required "Fire Lane" signage, but this lady obviously didn't think that it applied to her. It's not the first time that I've witnessed this at the same plaza and it's usually someone running into the dry cleaners to pick up their clothes.

Let me tell you...I was in charge the night of a huge fire in that very plaza several years ago and if I would have come upon that lady then, she wouldn't have been going anywhere for a while! I would have blocked her car with fire apparatus, hose and used her hood to place my clipboard.

Fire lanes are there for a reason lady. They let the FD get close and leave a place to set up our ladder trucks. If four elderly people can park their car and navigate across an icy parking lot, then what is your deal? 

I think it's time for those "Senior Citizen Parking Only" signs!


Stay Safe...Stay Cool!



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John Barkan February 22, 2013 at 03:52 PM
Captain Stevie: Took the liberty to offer you a picture to use! You're welcome.
Jeremy Bosso February 22, 2013 at 07:19 PM
Financial systems specialist is the title :) love the blog
Sharon February 22, 2013 at 08:10 PM
Great idea on the senior citizen thing! Those that need it will use it, and those who don't need it won't admit to being a senior and abuse it! Win Win!
pat February 23, 2013 at 02:00 PM
years ago i was working a parking detail (back when i still worked). a woman pulled in the parking lot and parked in a fire lane. i told her to move the car. she said she'd only be in the store for a minute. i said most of the cars in the lot were owned by people who would only be in the store for a minute. then she said that her husband was a police officer. i said then she should know better. some things just make my day.
Steve Bosso February 23, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Yet another person who thinks she's "special." Even when we're on duty and driving fire vehicles, if there is no emergency, we don't park in the fire lanes. Trying to lead by example. Thanks for the comment, Pat!


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